Bad Credit Car Loans Centrelink

We can help you get approved for your bad credit car loan whilst on Centrelink before you know it. Start the process today by applying with us today.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why Australians on Centrelink choose us

If you’re collecting Centrelink payments and your credit journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, we can help.

We match those on Centrelink with bad credit, including single mothers and pensioners, to suitable lenders and get you approved car loans from $5,000.

Our fast-tracked approval processes and personalised support mean you can have your car funds released within 48 hours, so apply today and get on the road sooner.


Five-star service

Our personalised customer care means we can talk you through your options and guide you through every step of the application process.


Same-day approvals

Our highly-efficient process allows our customers to get approval on their applications the same day they apply.

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No-obligation quote

Submitting a quote is free, won’t affect your credit score and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Bad credit car loan features and benefits

Various incomes accepted

Our lenders work with diverse types of employment, from full-timers to casuals to Centrelink recipients and those currently between jobs.

Buy brand-new or second hand

You can purchase new or used cars, expanding your options when it comes to shopping around for your new vehicle.

Set your payment schedule

You can schedule your repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly to ensure you lock in whatever schedule works best for your budget.

Flexible loan terms

You can choose to pay off your bad credit car loan over one to five years, whatever you find easy to manage.

No down payments required

There’s no need to scratch around for hefty deposits; you’re able to finance 100% of the purchase price of your vehicle when you apply through us.

Get pre-approved

You can get pre-approved so you know exactly how much you can spend, strengthening your hand with sellers during price negotiations.

Applying for a bad credit car loan on Centrelink

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping make the car loan application process fuss-free for Centrelink recipients.

We’ve helped everyone from aged pensioners to single mothers on Centrelink get bad credit car loans. 

Our online application process takes only minutes to complete and our expert consultants can have you on the road and owning your car just 48 hours after you apply.

Familiarise yourself with our step-by-step guide on how to apply and get behind the wheel sooner.

Check whether you’re eligible

We factor in a wide range of Centrelink payments when looking at what customers can afford. So it’s good to double-check the one you receive qualifies.

Send us a quote

Once you’ve done that, send us a free online quote. It won’t affect your credit rating and gets you in touch with one of our consultants. They’ll run an affordability check based on your income and current debts.

Submit your application

If you decide to apply, your consultant will match you to a suitable lender and, if you’re happy with it, will start putting together your application. They’ll ask you for personal documents, including Centrelink income statements, and submit them directly once it’s complete.

Get approved

You can get approved within 24 hours of applying. Once your application’s been given the tick of approval, you’ll be asked to sign your loan contract before your funds are released.

How to maximise your chances of approval for your car loan in Brisbane

While our lenders aren’t solely focused on financial history, it’ll improve your approval chances if you can pay down outstanding liabilities such as loans and credit card debts.

Try and put some money behind you before applying. Being able to show your lender that you’re a disciplined saver, which may come in the form of an upfront deposit, will boost your chances of getting the green light.

Have important items such as your driver’s licence or Centrelink income statements saved onto your computer or phone before you apply. This will cut down time when compiling your application.

It may be tempting to overreach when looking at a car loan, but your consultant will help draw up a rough budget to show what you can afford to borrow.

What documentation do I need to apply if I’m on Centrelink?

Centrelink customers with bad credit applying for a car loan will be asked to submit the following supporting documents:

Photo identification

  • A copy of your driver’s licence (front and back)
  • A valid Australian or foreign passport (if applicable)

Proof of income

  • Centrelink income statements (if applicable)
  • Two recent payslips
  • A tax return or an ATO Notice of Assessment from the past 18 months (if you’re self-employed)

Your expenses

  • 90 days’ worth of bank statements
  • Living expenses such as transport, utility and rent costs

Your debts

  • Your current credit cards and their limits
  • Any other outstanding liabilities you are paying down

Further questions about bad credit car loans on Centrelink

A range of government benefits can be counted towards your income when calculating your borrowing capacity, including:

  • Aged, Veterans’ Affairs and disability support (NDIS) pensions
  • Carer and parenting payments
  • Child care subsidies
  • Family Tax Benefits A and B

Yes – so long as JobSeeker isn’t your only form of income and you’re earning enough outside of these payments to support your car loan repayments. You can qualify if you are using JobSeeker as a low-income supplement and earning other income. However, JobSeeker on its own can’t be used to qualify for a car loan.

No – there are no specific limits for those receiving government benefits. Our consultants will help calculate how much you can afford to borrow based on your income.

These types of loans don’t require you to have a guarantor. However, having someone linked to your bad credit car loan could help you borrow more money due to the fact that you pose less of a risk of default in the eyes of your lender.

Not necessarily. Centrelink customers with bad credit wanting car loans don’t need to make upfront payments. While you may be eligible for a $250 or $500 advance from Centrelink, you won’t necessarily need it to get approval. An advance doesn’t give you access to extra money; it just takes money out of your future payments.

Yes – if you’re working for yourself and receiving New Enterprise Incentive Scheme payments, your allowance can be used to pay costs associated with the running of your business, such as loan repayments on a commercial car purchase.

Yes – keeping up with the repayments and paying off your loan on time can improve your credit score long term. Showing you are a lower-risk borrower can also allow you to refinance your car loan down the track.

You must contact your lender as soon as you can if you’re finding it tough to make repayments because of unexpected changes in your life. Our lenders can implement short-term measures, including reducing your repayments for a short period to help you get back on track.