Car Loan With Unpaid Defaults

Don’t let unpaid defaults stop you from getting a new car. We partner with lenders who can get you behind the wheel fast.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why people choose us to help them finance their car purchase

Applying for a car loan with unpaid defaults or debt stuck to your credit file can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be. We make the application and approval processes simpler so it won’t feel like you’re running an obstacle course to get a new car.

By partnering with understanding lenders, we can help you find a loan to fit your financial circumstances and a lender to approve your application. Our highly efficient consultants can have your application approved and your loan funds released in as little as two days, so start the process now.


No effect on your credit score

You can submit a no-obligation car loan quote with the peace of mind it won’t impact your credit score.


Trusted brand

For more than a decade, customers looking for car finance, including those with unpaid defaults, have chosen us to help get them approved.

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Australia-wide service

We help customers in all corners of Australia, from the big capital cities to the small outback towns.

Features and benefits of bad credit car loans

Flexible terms

Deciding whether to repay your loan across one to five years lets you tailor how big or small your repayments will be.

New or used vehicles

Our lenders give you more options when it comes to cars, letting you purchase brand-new or second-hand up to 20 years old.

No deposit required

You can borrow the full value of your car, plus on-road costs in some cases, so there’s no pressure to scrimp and save for an upfront payment.

Fixed interest rate

Locking in your interest rate from the start takes the stress out of budgeting knowing your repayments will remain the same.

Multiple incomes accepted 

Your affordability is calculated by adding up various income streams, including eligible Centrelink payments.

Seasonal workers eligible

If you’re employed seasonally, including working on the ski slopes or picking grapes during vintage, you’re eligible to apply.

Applying for a car loan

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Get a quote

You can get a quick online quote with us. You’ll also have the option to apply here, but a consultant will call to discuss your quote here.

Find a suitable lender

When you decide to apply, your consultant uses our high-tech software to match you to a suitable lender. They’ll confirm this with you.

Have your application prepared

From there, your consultant puts together your application. All you’ll need to do is provide your documentation and sit by the phone.

Sign your documents

You can be approved in just one business day. You’ll receive a loan agreement to sign and return so your funds can be released and you can buy your car.

The documents you’ll need to apply for your car loan

Your consultant will request a copy of the front and back of your current driver’s licence. If you don’t have access to your license, you can submit an Australian or foreign passport as an alternative in some cases.

You’ll need to provide your consultant with your two most recent payslips. If government benefits make up a portion of your income, you will be asked to provide a Centrelink payment summary. Self-employed workers will be asked to submit at least one tax return and ATO Notice of Assessment from the last 18 months.

Your consultant will request a bank statement covering 90 days to submit with your application. This gives potential lenders an idea of your spending habits and regular expenses such as childcare or rent.

Lenders will want to see how much you’re spending to pay off any outstanding loans and other debt. Owing less debt means your borrowing power will be greater.

If you’re new to a job or a casual worker, you may need to verify your salary and occupation. A letter of employment confirms how much you earn and your position within a company. You may only need this if you’ve just switched jobs or are working as a casual employee.

How can I boost my approval chances if I have defaults?

Getting a car loan with even a few unpaid defaults on your credit report can seem like a headache, but it’s not. There are ways you can improve your odds of getting the green light, even with a less-than-perfect borrowing track record. These include:

Paying your defaults

Clearing overdue debts or entering into payment arrangements can help reduce your risk profile. If you do pay off a default, ask your creditor to mark it as “paid” before you apply for a car loan.

Save up a deposit

Making an upfront payment on your loan can reduce the size of your repayments. Lenders will also look favourably upon applicants who can demonstrate a consistent savings history. This may only be possible once you pay off your defaults, however.

Give a reason for your default

Explanation letters give you the chance to clarify to a lender why a default was added to your credit file. For example, you might live in a share house and your housemates didn’t pay their shares of the bill, leaving you unable to pay for the full amount.

Follow a budget

Lenders will look at your income and expenses when determining your borrowing power. Your consultant also ensures you’re not applying for more than you can afford. Showing you have a budget in place and you can follow it will give a lender confidence you’ll be able to make your payments consistently.

Some FAQ from car loan customers

Yes – having a family member or friend attached to your bad credit car loan gives you extra security. It can also unlock lower interest rates and increase your borrowing power in some cases. By signing onto the loan, the guarantor agrees to take on responsibility for the debt if you don't make the repayments.

Defaults remain on your credit file for five years. If a creditor can't make contact with you, the default can stay on your file for up to seven years. If you pay the debt, it remains on your report but is recorded as paid.

Yes – if you receive an ongoing Centrelink benefit, such as a single parent payment or a disability pension, you can apply. We work with flexible lenders who can include a range of government benefits when calculating your overall income.

Yes – lenders will look at your defaults when determining your borrowing power. Making an effort to resolve these, such as paying them off or entering into arrangements, can increase your borrowing capacity.

Yes – you can purchase vehicles aged up to 25 years by the end of your loan term. Your consultant can also help you access alternative finance if you want to purchase an even older vehicle.

Yes – most of our lending partners won’t charge you for paying out early or making extra repayments over the term of your loan.

Yes – if you’ve been discharged from bankruptcy and want a car loan, we have lenders who can help. Lenders look at your current financial situation and are less interested in your score. As long as you can repay your loan, you stand a good chance of approval.