Car Loan with Part 9 Debt Agreement

If you’re in a formal debt agreement but need a new car, we can help. We partner with flexible lenders to help you find the loan most suitable for you.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why thousands have chosen us

Getting approval for a car loan when you’re in a Part 9 (or Part IX) Debt Agreement doesn’t have to seem beyond your reach. Our experienced consultants take the difficult work out of seeking approval.

Our personalised service and ability to deliver fast approvals is why thousands of customers have put their trust in us to help them finance their vehicles. Don’t let debt agreements hold you back from applying for your car loan; get the wheels in motion with us today.


Fast loan approvals

Your consultant can have your application approved, signed and funded in as little as 48 hours.


Specialist lenders

By partnering with multiple lenders, we find a loan deal which best fits your own unique requirements.


Over ten years of experience

For more than a decade, we’ve helped thousands of borrowers with poor credit get approved for car loans.

Features and benefits of car loans with bad credit

Multiple incomes accepted

You can count various income streams, such as from multiple jobs and fixed government benefits, towards your car loan application.

Fixed interest rate

Locking in an interest rate stabilises your repayments over the life of your loan and makes budgeting easier and more accurate.

New or used options

You can choose to buy brand-new or second-hand through a private seller or a dealership anywhere in the country.

Early repayment accepted

Making extra payments or paying off your loan early won’t cost you, as some of our lenders don’t charge early exit or discharge fees.

Unpaid or paid defaults

If you have defaults on your credit report, you’re still eligible to take out a car loan, regardless of whether they’re paid.

Loan terms up to five years

Our lenders offer flexible loan terms, allowing you to pay across one to five years and structure repayments to your needs.

How to get the wheels in motion on your car loan application

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Enquire online

Get a quote on our website in a couple of clicks. You have the chance to make an initial application as well, but if you’re not quite ready, a consultant will call to discuss your options.

Get matched with a lender

When you apply, your consultant will connect you to a lender who best meets your financial situation using our high-tech software.

Get your application submitted

After locking in your lender, your consultant goes about preparing your application. You’ll be asked to supply supporting documents.

Sign your documents

Once you’re approved, your consultant emails you a loan agreement to sign and return so your funds can be released and you can buy your car.

If I’m under a Part IX debt agreement, how can I boost my approval chances?

It can be tough knowing how to appeal to lenders when you’ve only just emerged from (or are currently in) a prickly financial situation so, while finalising a formal debt arrangement will still leave a mark on your credit report, there are ways to improve your approval chances when you’re ready to apply for a loan. These include:

Wait for the agreement to end 

Technically, you can jump straight into applying for credit even before your agreement is finished. However, it’s a good idea to complete it before applying, as more lenders will be willing to work with you.

Pay your bills on time

Keep on top of your accounts, such as rent and utility bills. Lenders will be more willing to give you the green light if you can demonstrate a good payment history, and you’re not falling back into old habits.

Budget and save

Allowing yourself time before applying for new credit can allow you to amass some savings, which may be used for a deposit. Sticking to a budget and stashing some cash in the bank will give a lender confidence you can keep on top of repayments.

Apply through us

Your consultants know our lenders and their requirements like the back of their hand. They can help you apply for an amount which maximises your approval chances. By applying directly to a lender, you may not be across the key eligibility and be hit by an avoidable knockback.

Top tips for cutting down car loan costs

Make extra repayments 

If you find yourself with a bit of extra cash, make some additional payments on your loan. Not only will this save you money on interest, but chipping away a little more will help you wrap your loan up sooner than if you stuck to the scheduled repayments. Also, check your lender doesn’t charge for making additional repayments.

Pay a deposit

Making a down payment doesn’t just boost your approval chances, it saves you money in the long run. A deposit reduces your repayments and the amount of interest you’re liable to pay.

Choose a short loan term

Opting to pay over two years instead of five, for instance, will save you money on the interest you’ll be paying over the life of your loan. If you do choose a shorter term, your repayments will be higher, but the overall cost may be substantially lower.

Clear some debt

Lenders are more likely to offer you a better interest rate if you’re carrying less debt. If you can afford it, pay off some of your arrears before you apply to save on interest.

Common bad credit car loan questions

Yes – your consultant will find out regardless from a credit check, but knowing your situation from the start means your consultant can approach the comparison process with a clearer understanding of how to match you to a lender most likely to approve your application.

Our specialist lenders offer loans from $5,000, but how much you’re eligible to borrow will depend on several key personal factors. Your consultant will draw up a budget to assess your borrowing power, factoring in your loan repayments, income and expenses.

You can apply while you’re under a debt agreement, but your lender options will be much more limited. Waiting until your arrangement ends will expand your options and ensure you get the best deal available.

To apply for a loan, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Earning some form of income

Yes – if you collect a fixed, ongoing payment from Centrelink, it can be counted as income. Lenders will also accept Veterans’ and disability support payments are assessable income.

Yes – if you’re an ex-bankrupt, you can apply the day after you are discharged. Unlike a debt agreement, you can’t apply for loans while you’re bankrupt. Your consultant can match you to a lender most willing to approve your application and give you a fresh start.

Yes – a lender can give you conditional approval on your borrowing power. This will give you the upper hand when negotiating your car price with sellers.

While your consultant will ensure your loan repayments are manageable based on your income and expenses, sometimes money can be tight. It’s best to contact your lender immediately to set up some short-term relief measures.