Car Loans For Single Parents

Getting a car loan shouldn’t be a chore, even if you’re a single parent with imperfect credit. We can match you to your ideal lender today.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why people turn to us when applying for car loans

Buying a car can seem like a far-off dream when you’re raising children by yourself on one income but, in many cases, it’s closer to reality than you’d think.

Our consultants help single mums and dads with poor credit find an understanding lender which fits their financial situation to give them the best shot at loan approval.

Our accelerated turnaround times mean you can be approved and funded in as few as 48 hours. Apply today to get back in the driver’s seat sooner.


Doing the leg work for you

Our experienced consultants are quick to find you the best loan among our multiple lending partners, saving you the run-around.

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Obligation-free quotes

You can test the waters and see what you can afford to borrow without making a formal application or affecting your credit score.


Completely online

Our fully-online application system means you can apply from your computer or smartphone anywhere in Australia.

Features and benefits of bad credit car loans

Single parent payment accepted

You can factor your single parent payment from Centrelink into your assessable income, so long as it makes up a portion of your earnings.

Available to first-time borrowers

Our lenders work with people who are new to credit, checking what they can afford to borrow based on income and expenses.

Low doc options available for business owners

If you’re self-employed and lack the standard documents for a loan application, we have lenders who can help you.

Finance cars up to 20 years old

Giving you the option to purchase used cars up to 20 years old across Australia gives you more vehicle choices.

Customisable repayment terms

Scheduling weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments allow you to pay when you’re paid, helping you avoid missing crucial payments.

Declined by the bank

If you’ve been knocked back by a major lender, don’t stress. We work with specialist lenders who can get you a second chance at finance.

How we can get you approved

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Ask for a quote

Head to our website and apply now. This lets you get a quick loan quote and start your application if you choose to. A consultant will call if you’re just after a quote to discuss your options.

Get hooked up with a lender

When you apply, your consultant locks in your most-suited lender using our state-of-the-art technology to find the best fit for you.

Have your application prepared

Once confirmed, your consultant starts putting together your application, including requesting your important supporting documents such as a driver’s licence.

Get approved and funded

After being given the green light, your consultant emails paperwork for you to sign and return so your loan funds can be released.

What factors will impact my borrowing power?

The value of the car you want will directly correlate to how much you can borrow. Because the loan is being used to purchase the car itself and nothing else, the amount you’re approved for won’t exceed its value (except for any included on-road costs).

As a single parent, your children will impact how much you’ll be able to borrow. A lender will ask how many dependents you have to estimate what you can afford to borrow.

Earning more allows you to borrow more. Our lenders factor in multiple streams of income when looking at total earnings, boosting what you can borrow. Payments such as fixed Centrelink benefits and child support are eligible to be included.

Ongoing costs such as rent, school fees and child care are some of the expenses lenders check when assessing your loan. Showing a steady saving history and clawing back spending on non-essentials will improve your borrowing capacity.

Your job status will be a determining factor in your borrowing limit. A permanent full-time worker will likely be able to access more money than a casual worker who has been with a company for under three months. Being able to show you have held down steady work over a long period will also impress lenders.

What should I consider when buying a car?

Finding a car that ticks all the boxes for you and your child can seem challenging. Storage space, ample room for booster seats and being equipped with the latest safety features are some of the factors you’ll be considering. Some of the things to think about before you purchase your next car include:

How much you can afford

Finding a car that fits your price range is the key. It’ll allow you to better afford ongoing repayments and running costs. Your consultant can do a rough budget to see what you can easily manage without your loan causing hardship.

New or used

Weigh up your options when deciding whether to buy brand-new or second-hand. New cars will be more expensive but will have a higher value and cost less to insure. Used cars will be cheaper but may cost more to maintain. 

Safety features

As a single mother or father, you’ll be looking for a car that suits the needs of your child. New and used vehicles may include technology such as reversing cameras, emergency braking and lane departure alert. Keep an eye out too for cars with five-star ANCAP safety ratings.

Ongoing maintenance 

Choosing a car that requires minimal upkeep will save you time and money. If you’re buying a second-hand car, it’s a good idea to get the vehicle inspected. This checks for any unusual noises in the engine, fan belt problems or leaks in the radiator hoses. It’s also good to take a car-savvy friend or family member with you on a test drive of the vehicle.

Making a down payment

Having a strong saving history and being able to offer up a deposit on your loan will make you more enticing to a lender. Making an upfront payment also reduces ongoing repayments and saves you money on interest over the life of your loan.


Petrol prices are a constant headache for motorists. Picking a fuel-efficient vehicle will let you travel further while paying less, taking the pressure off your budget.

Frequently asked questions about bad credit car loans

Our lenders can factor in a slew of government benefits as income if you’re experiencing a period of hardship. Some measures relevant to single mothers and fathers include:

  • Family Tax Benefit A and B
  • Child care subsidy
  • Rent assistance
  • Disability (NDIS) pension

They can – what you owe and how much you can spend on your credit cards will play a role in your chances of approval. Scaling back card limits reduces your overall unsecured debt, which is seen as a positive. Having a credit card which you can pay off in full each month will help you boost your score also.

Yes – taking out a loan with a guarantor will boost your approval chances significantly. By having a guarantor, the lender has backup in the event you fail to make repayments. However, this option isn’t open to everyone, as your guarantor will need to be someone in a stable financial position who’s deemed reliable enough to take on the payments by your lender should it be required. This is usually a parent, grandparent or another close relation.

Yes – you can roll some of the costs involved in getting your car on the road into your loan amount. This includes insurance, vehicle registration or stamp duty.

Yes – most of our lenders don’t charge early exit or discharge fees. You’ll also be able to make extra repayments over the life of your loan at no additional cost.

No – car loans can only be used to purchase a vehicle. You might need to consider alternative options, such as personal loans, if you want to use your funds for a variety of expenses.

Potentially – however, bad credit loans don’t hinge on what’s on your credit report. Paying off or entering into payment arrangements for your unpaid defaults will improve your approval chances, as your lender will see that you’re intent on paying off debts.