Car Loans for Unemployed

Unemployed and in need of a car to get from A to B? Get a quick quote today and find out if you’re eligible here.

Why people choose us to help them get approved?

If you’re unemployed, you’re not alone, as more than 200,000 Australians are in between jobs, according to ABS figures released in 2022. This can be tough in itself, but it can be even harder to travel to do your shopping or get to interviews when you don’t own a car.

That’s why we’re here to help. You can apply for car finance if you’re unemployed and our consultants can match your application to a partner lender who’ll give you the best chance at approval.

Apply with us today and you could be approved and fully funded in as little as two days.


Rapid approvals

Our fast and efficient turnaround times mean we can have you approved within just one business day.


Completely online

Our online application process means you can apply from a computer or smartphone, making your next car just a few clicks away.


One-on-one customer support

Our consultants provide a first-class, personalised service from the moment you get a quote to the second you get your funds.

Features and benefits of car loans

Borrow from $5,000

Finance the full value of your new car with loans starting from $5,000 with the ability to roll on-road costs in and not pay a deposit.

Centrelink income accepted

Ongoing government benefits, such as disability and aged pensions, can be factored as income when going for a car loan.

First-time borrowers eligible

Even if you have no credit history whatsoever, we can help you break into the borrowing market with flexible specialist lenders.

Buying privately or at a dealer

You can purchase brand-new or second-hand vehicles privately or through a car dealership anywhere in the country with a loan.

Repay over one to five years

It’s up to you how long you take to pay off your loan, with term options of between one and five years available.

Knocked back by the big banks

If you’ve been knocked down by the big banks, we’ll help you get back up again by matching you to a second-chance lending partner.

How you can apply

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Ask for a quote

Take a few minutes to get a free quote via our website. Tell us a bit about yourself and the loan you need and we can get a consultant to call you.

Find your best fit lender

If you want to dive right in and apply, your consultant uses state-of-the-art technology to match you with a lender best suited to your situation.

Get your application sorted

With a lender locked in, your consultant prepares the application on your behalf to give you the best shot at approval for the loan you want.

Be approved and funded

Your consultant will call once you’re approved and email paperwork for you to sign. Once returned, your funds can be released to you or your seller.

How do I qualify for a car loan if I have no job?

Applying for car finance when you’re unemployed comes with several requirements. The general requirements include being:

  • Over 18 years old
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Earning some form of income

You can count income from various streams, as long as it’s constant and fixed. This includes earning interest accrued on investments, such as shares or property, or collecting ongoing government benefits. A range of Centrelink benefits count as income, including:

  • Aged pensions
  • Disability support pensions
  • Single parent payments
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A and B
  • Carer payments
  • Rent assistance
  • Child care subsidies
  • Veterans’ Affairs pensions

Some Centrelink payments won’t count on their own, but can only be included if they supplement a low income. These include:

  • JobSeeker
  • Youth Allowance
  • Austudy

Top tips for boosting your approval chances

Rustling up a deposit

When you’re unemployed, it’s easier to get approved for a car loan if you’re willing to pay a deposit. Putting some of your own savings toward the loan reduces the risk the lender takes when letting you borrow money.

Resolving old debts

Lenders want to see you are doing your best to resolve past financial mistakes, even if your credit rating isn’t the best. Clearing unpaid defaults or entering into payment arrangements for outstanding balances will put you in a better position.

Don’t overextend yourself

If you’re unemployed and need a car, it’s best to borrow within your means. You’re more likely to hit a green light if a lender can see you can comfortably afford the regular repayments on the income you receive, so you should always apply within your means.

Having a strong residential history

Long-term living arrangements can play a role in your loan being approved. Having deep roots in a property means you’re unlikely to be moving regularly, which means your rent and utility costs will largely remain the same. This is important to lenders, who look at all aspects of your finances to ensure you can afford the repayments consistently over your term.

Answers to your car loan questions

You’re entitled to free copies of your credit report every three months. Companies such as Equifax and illion specialise in providing credit reports, which usually take a day or two to pull together. For example, Equifax provides you with a report, your score and the top factors impacting your score at no charge.

To qualify for car finance when you’re unemployed, you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Proof of identification: A copy of the back and front of your driver’s licence or valid Australian or foreign passport.
  • Proof of expenses or other debts: A copy of 90 days of bank statements along with a list of other current liabilities or debts.
  • Proof of income: If you receive government benefits, you’ll need to submit a Centrelink income statement.

Yes – you can buy a new or second-hand motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, touring motorbike, sport bike or cruiser with this type of finance.

No – applicants need some form of income to apply and if you’ve just lost your job, that makes it hard to get approved for a loan. Your best bet is to wait until you have found gainful employment before applying for a loan.

If you’re unemployed, getting a family member to go guarantor on your car finance can improve your odds of approval substantially. A guarantor agrees to pick up your repayments if you run into trouble supporting your loan. This provides the lender extra security over the agreement.

No – JobSeeker won’t count as income on its own because it’s a temporary payment conditional on you finding work. However, it can be factored in if it supplements a family tax benefit or low income.

All applicants undergo a credit check when applying for a car loan. Lenders offering ‘no credit check’ loans should be avoided, as these are costly and usually include sky-high fees. It’s better if you focus on improving your credit report by doing things such as paying your bills on time.