Car Loans For Single Parent Pensioners With Bad Credit

Single parent pensioners with bad credit deserve a second chance at car loans. We partner with lenders who can make it happen.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Raising children on your own is a busy job. You’re darting between school drop-offs, after-hours sport and doctor’s visits. If you need a car to ferry your youngsters around, we know a bad credit car loan application has to be as speedy as possible.

Our expert consultants can have the wheels in motion on your application before school pick-up, even when receiving a pension. We guarantee accelerated service focused on getting you back to life’s important tasks and into the driver’s seat. Apply now and buy your next car sooner.

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Fast approvals

Our experienced consultants can have you approved within 24 hours of your application being submitted.


Soft credit checks

Your credit report won’t be affected by our quick credit check, so you don’t need to worry about your score changing.


More than ten years of experience

We’ve been matching people to suitable lenders for more than a decade, turning their car ownership dreams into realities.

Features of bad credit car loans

Multiple incomes accepted

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working full-time, part-time, casually, on Centrelink or a combination of multiple; you can get approved.

Declined by the bank

Your past isn’t our lenders’ main concern, so being turned down by other financial institutions shouldn’t deter you from applying.

Include your on-road costs

You can wrap up costs such as registration, insurance and stamp duty into your borrowing amount with some lenders, freeing up more funds.

Early repayment accepted

You can make extra repayments or pay out your loan earlier than planned without incurring any fees or charges for doing so.

Flexible loan terms

You get the choice of paying your loan across one to five years, enabling you to tailor your loan to suit your affordability.

No borrowing history

If you’re a first-time borrower, we partner with lenders who can help kick-start your credit journey.

How to apply for a car loan

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Submit a quote

You’ll be given the option to apply after you complete your quick quote, but our consultant will call to talk through your options if you’re not sure.

Get matched up

Once you apply, your consultant will use high-tech software to pair you with a lender who is the best fit for your circumstances.

Have your application processed

Your consultant will do the grunt work for you. They’ll prepare your application to ensure it meets your lender’s criteria.

Receive approval

Once you’re approved, your consultant will email across a digital loan agreement to sign. Upon return, your funds can be released.

Which Centrelink benefits count as eligible forms of income?

You may wonder if the government benefit you collect is eligible to be included in your income test. While payments such as Youth Allowance or JobSeeker won’t count on their own, there are many ongoing, fixed subsidies that will apply to pensioners. Some of the options include:

Parenting payments

Eligible if you’re a single parent and the sole carer for a child under eight years old. This Centrelink payment can be factored in when assessing your affordability for a car loan. The payment is subject to income, residency and asset tests.

Carer payments

Carers of someone with a disability, aged or suffering a severe illness can have their benefit included in an income test. To be eligible for this payment, you need to show the person will need your care for more than six months.

Family Tax Benefits Part A or B

To receive benefits in Part A, you must be the primary carer of a child. aged under 19 who fulfills the relevant study requirements. Part B is tailored toward single parents with a child aged 18 or under who also meets the relevant study requirements.

Rent Assistance

The fortnightly amount you receive to help pay your rent can be included in your income test for a car loan. You must be collecting one of the above payments to be eligible.

Disability support

Those with a disability or medical condition who receive disability support can use their benefit as eligible income when applying for car loans.

How to best manage your repayments

Align it with your pay cycle

Lenders let you make your repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly to best fit in with how and when you’re paid. Scheduling repayments in line with your pay cycle will mean you are unlikely to miss due dates and fall behind.

Keep a lid on expenses

Reducing unnecessary spending is important before you’re approved, but it’s also vital you keep saving after you have your car. Being able to save a bit from each pay cycle will let you breathe easier when it comes to making your repayments. Simple things like cancelling unwanted subscriptions, walking to the office and packing lunch for work can help you save money.

Pay more when you can

If you’re putting some money away, it’s a good idea to pay a bit extra onto your loan. Most lenders won’t charge fees for making extra repayments and it’s an easy way to pay off your loan sooner.

Set yourself a clear budget

We understand money’s tight on one income as a single parent, so if you’ve just taken out car finance, sticking to a budget will help you manage your repayments with ease.

Common bad credit car loan questions

Yes – pensioners in Australia applying for car loans can buy either brand-new or second-hand vehicles with finance, either privately or through dealerships.

Your first payment depends on when you settle. You’ll set up a payment schedule, so your first due date will be a week, a fortnight or a month from the date of settlement.

Yes – lenders will charge administration, establishment or risk fees, but your consultant can help find an affordable loan with the most manageable fees.

Yes – having outstanding debts on your credit report isn’t a deal-breaker with our lenders. Nevertheless, paying them off or setting up payment arrangements will improve your approval chances.

It can – having stable living arrangements is a deciding factor when getting approval. If you have secure housing, it means your bills are unlikely to fluctuate and you’ll be better able to make your repayments.

Possibly your JobSeeker payments can be used as a low income supplement if you’re applying for car finance.  Lenders will be unlikely to factor it in if you receive it with no other income.

Yes – you’re eligible if you have worked consistently for the same employer for three months or more.