Bad Credit Used Car Loans

Don’t let bad credit history stop you. We help get used cars for bad credit borrowers, with loans from $5,000. Apply today.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why used car buyers choose us?

We can place you in the driver’s seat of that second-hand car you’ve had your eye on, even if your credit rating has seen better days.

In just 48 hours, our consultants find you a suitable bad credit used car loan, prepare your application, get you approved and have your funds released.

Our rapid application and approval processes are driven towards getting you back on the road sooner, so don’t let that car end up in someone else’s driveway. Start the process today.


100% online

Our fully online application process gives you the freedom to apply from wherever you are on a computer or smart phone.


No effect on your credit score

Submitting a free, no-obligation car loan quote online with us will have zero effect on your credit score.


Specialist lending partners

We’re partnered with a panel of reputable lenders, giving you plenty of options when looking for used car finance with bad credit.

The benefits and features of bad credit car loans

Finance cars up to 20 years old

The car you buy can be up to 20 years old at the time you purchase the vehicle and take out your loan, giving you ample vehicle choices.

Available to seasonal income earners

Seasonal workers, including fruit pickers, can qualify for a bad credit car loan, as flexible lenders can accommodate their unconventional payment cycle.

Flexible repayment schedule

You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your pay cycle and help keep your repayments up to date.

Fixed interest rate

Locking in an interest rate sets your loan repayments in stone and avoids fluctuations in what you pay, allowing you to budget more accurately.

Buy privately or through a dealer

You’re able to purchase your car from a private seller or a dealership, expanding your options when you head out to buy your new car.

Paid or unpaid defaults

Don’t fret about having unpaid defaults on your credit file: our lending partners focus more on what you afford today.

Applying for a car loan with us

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Send us a quote

Submit an online quote. You’ll be asked if you want to apply when you finished it. If you’re not quite ready, though, a consultant will be in touch.

We’ll find you a lender

When you’re ready to apply, your consultant will match you to a suitable lender using our state-of-the-art technology and confirm it with you.

Get approved

Your consultant will call when you’ve been approved. You’ll be sent a digital loan agreement to sign. Upon its return, your funds will be released.

Have your application submitted

Once you’ve been matched, your consultant will prepare your application. They’ll request copies of your supporting documents to do this.

What documents you’ll need before you apply

Photo ID

You’ll be required to send your consultant a copy of your current driver’s license (back and front). If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can supply a valid Australian or foreign issued passport as photo identification.

Proof of employment

This letter will confirm your job status and salary with a lender and is usually supplied as supporting evidence alongside pay slips and bank statements.

Proof of income

You will need to supply two recent payslips to your consultant to help them prepare your application. If you’re self-employed, you can supply a copy of your latest tax return or an ATO Notice of Assessment from the past 18 months. If you’re receiving government benefits, you will need to supply an income statement from Centrelink.

Bank statements

Your consultant will require 90 days of bank statements. This will prove what you earn and what you spend on things such a rent, groceries, transport and school fees.

Other loans or debts

You’ll also need to provide a list of other loans you are paying off. This will also include your credit cards and their available limits.

Things to consider before buying your used car

Before you settle on a reliable used car to purchase, there are a few things you should consider. These include:

Your budget

Do a rough estimate of what you can afford to spend on a second-hand car. Your consultant will draw up a budget as part of your application process, checking your borrowing power against your income, expenses and current debt.

Your insurance cost

Vehicle insurance will protect you and your car in the event it’s damaged or stolen. What you pay for compulsory comprehensive insurance will depend on several variables including your age, address, track record as a driver and claim history.

Your needs

Identify why you need your car. If you use your bad credit finance to buy a second-hand car to run around the city and the suburbs, you will likely only need a smaller vehicle rather than a bigger model that costs more to run.

Vehicle inspections

You may want to let a mechanic give the second-hand car you’re looking at a once-over before you buy it. Qualified inspectors will be able to check the condition of the engine, transmission, wheels and exhaust system.

Where you buy

Lenders offering bad credit second-hand car finance let you buy privately or from a car yard. You may get a better price going through a private seller, but your car likely won’t be covered by a warranty. Buying through a dealership gives you a wide selection of vehicle options, but they tend to be more expensive.

On-road costs

When working out how much you have to spend on your used car, you’ll have to factor in things like stamp duty, registration and insurance. Stamp duty and vehicle registration costs vary from state-to-state. 

Test drives

Taking your desired car out for a spin can identify any mechanical faults. Watch out for issues with the brakes, steering, engine and transmission. Take a car-savvy person with you on the test drive and, if you can, spend a good amount of time in the vehicle.

Questions about car loans for bad credit

To be eligible for a bad credit used car loan, you must be:

  • Aged over 18
  • An Australian permanent resident or citizen
  • Earning some form of income

You can borrow between $5,000 and as much as $100,000 in some cases, although this will depend on personal variables such as your income and regular expenses. We run an affordability check to test this. Government benefits can be factored in as income for a bad credit used car loan, including Centrelink payments.

Yes – all purchases under finance must be covered by comprehensive insurance. This covers your car in the event damage resulting from an accident or theft.

Yes – if the insurance payout is smaller than your loan’s outstanding balance, you will have to continue making loan repayments until it’s paid off. If you pay off your loan in one hit, some lenders may charge early repayment fees.

Not necessarily – if you have a strong employment record and can show your income can cover the repayments, you’re unlikely to run into problems.

Yes – you can buy used caravans, motorbikes, campervans, boats, minibuses, trailers, trucks, jet skis and fork lifts.

No – lenders will subject all applicants to a credit check. If you’re searching for bad credit used car loans with guaranteed approval, no credit check and no deposit, it’s best to try and better your chances at approval by paying down old loans or saving.

Yes – lenders will assess you on what you can afford now. Your bankruptcy will last three years and one day, after which you can apply for a loan.