Bad Credit Car Loans No Credit Check

Chasing no credit check car loans? Our specialists can help get you approved even with bad credit. Apply today.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why customers choose us to help them find their car loan?

A common financial myth is that lenders can simply grant you approval without a credit check. All reputable lenders will assess your credit history, but it’s important to remember it’s more than just your score. It helps lenders understand your financial and application history.

By applying with us, our experienced consultants help get you approved even with a less than perfect credit track record. Our highly efficient processes enable fast application turnarounds and rapid approvals in as little as 48 hours, so you can apply with us today.


Trusted by thousands

With dedicated lenders who guide you through the process, it’s no wonder our service has been praised by customers over the years.


100% online

You can apply on your desktop computer or smartphone from anywhere in Australia via our website.


Fast loan approvals

Our experienced consultants are highly efficient and focus on getting you approved and funded as quickly as possible.

Features and benefits of bad credit car loans

Flexible repayment frequency

You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalment options to keep you on top of your payments.

Declined by the banks

Our lenders give customers who’ve been knocked back by banks and other lenders a second chance at finance.

Multiple incomes accepted

If you work multiple jobs or are a low income-earner but receive a top up via Centrelink, you can factor both payments into your income test.

Available to self-employed workers

If you work for yourself as a tradie or a freelancer and don’t receive payslips, you’ll be eligible to apply for a car loan.

Refinance your loan

Keeping up with your repayments and even making additional repayments will increase your chances of refinancing at a later date.

Borrow from $5,000

We partner with flexible lenders who can approve you for loans from $5,000.

Our car loan approval process

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Send us a quote

Getting a quote online also gives you the option to progress to the application stage. If you’re not quite ready, a consultant will call you.

Find a lender

When you’re ready to apply, your consultant will use our advanced software to match you to a lender most likely to deliver an outcome.

Have your application completed

Your consultant will complete your application based on information you initially provided. They’ll also require supporting documents.

Get approval

Once you’re approved, your consultant will email your lender’s loan agreement to sign. Upon its return, your funds can be released.

Factors which can affect your credit score

Paying your bills on time can keep your credit report in tip-top shape. Avoid late payments on things such as phone or power bills. It’s also important to keep up with your loan repayments to avoid further collection activity, which can lead to black marks on your file.

Companies can be triggered to put defaults on your credit file if you fail to make payments on your debts. If you fail to pay within two weeks of the due date, this can be recorded on your file and stay there for up to five years.

A court can order you to pay a creditor the remainder of your debt plus fees, charges and interest. A judgment against you can remain on your report for five years, making it tricky to get future debt.

Simply phoning your credit card provider and asking them to reduce the available limits on your credit cards can have a positive effect on your credit score. In many cases, the higher your credit limits, the less you’re likely to be approved for.

Submitting too many credit applications can add dents to your credit report. By applying through us, we can do a soft check that won’t affect your credit score.

How can I improve my chances of approval?

When you’re looking for a car loan, stick to reputable lenders and brokers. Tread carefully when lenders pop up offering bad credit car loans without a check of your credit history.

Our flexible lenders check the borrowing history of all car loan applicants, including those with no credit track record. Some of the ways you can increase your chances of approval include:

Reduce your debt

Paying outstanding loans will put you in a better approval position. Chipping away at your loans consistently over time is a quick way to show lenders you’re responsible for what you owe.

Borrow within your means

If you have a limit in mind, stick to it. Lenders will be more likely to approve smaller loan amounts and, in turn, your repayments will be lower. Your consultant will run an affordability test balancing your income and expenses to see how much debt you can take on.

Pay a deposit

Putting an upfront payment on your loan will show a lender you’re serious about repaying your debt. A deposit can also show a lender you’re adept at putting money aside. Ultimately, though, a deposit will benefit you most because it reduces the size of your loan and your ongoing repayments.

Stick at your job

Showing a good employment track record will show your lender that you’re a stable borrower and solidify your case for approval. While your income is important, it’s also vital lenders know it’s consistent.

Show steady living arrangements

Living in the same spot for a good length of time will demonstrate to lenders your rent and bills will likely remain the same. Moving house frequently can see rental and utility costs fluctuate, leaving you at risk of not making repayments.

Your bad credit car loan questions

Your consultant will do a soft credit check, which will assess the health of your credit score. Scores range between 0 and 1,200, depending on the credit reporting agency your lender uses. Borrowers with scores below 550 are typically considered riskier than those with scores above 700, for instance. A soft check has no impact on your credit score.

No – reputable Australian lenders look at all loan applicants’ credit histories, so it’s best to avoid lenders promising guaranteed approvals.

Yes – as soon as you’re discharged from bankruptcy, you’ll be eligible to apply for finance. Our lenders will assess your suitability and borrowing power based on your income and expenses.

Yes – if your Centrelink payment makes up a portion of your income, you can apply. You’ll have to show your lender that your full income is enough to support loan repayments across your term.

Yes – as long as your income can cover your repayments, lenders won’t be too fussed about unpaid debt on your credit report.

Yes – you have the freedom to buy used cars from either private sellers or dealerships, including outside your home state.

Yes – if you’ve worked for at least three months consistently with the same employer, you can be approved by a range of specialist car financiers.