Bad Credit New Car Loans

Don’t put the brakes on buying a new car because of bad credit history. We can help you get a second chance at car finance.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why customers choose us to help them buy their new car

If you’re dreaming of being behind the wheel of a car but think poor credit is holding you back, we can help you. For more than a decade, we’ve helped drivers across the country get back on the road.

We partner with understanding lenders who assess your current situation and look beyond your credit score. Our fast application processes mean your car could be out of the showroom and in your garage in a flash, so you can apply today to get the wheels in motion.


100% online

Our application process is fully online, meaning your car is only a few clicks away no matter where you are in the country.

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Pre-approvals available

Getting pre-approved gives you a clear indication of what you can borrow, strengthening your hand when negotiating a car price.


Professional guidance

Your consultants do the hard work for you, from matching you to a suitable lender to preparing the necessary paperwork.

Features and benefits

Borrow up to 100% of your car’s value

Forget large deposits and significant upfront payments: our lenders allow you to borrow the full value of your new vehicle.

No borrowing history

No credit score, no problem. You can apply if you have no borrowing record, with lenders instead focusing on what you earn and spend.

Available to small business owners

If you’re a small business owner with bad credit, you’re able to be approved, even with a low doc auto loan.

Multiple incomes accepted

Whether you’re working casually, seasonally, for yourself or a combination, our lenders make buying a car achievable.

Flexible repayment schedule

Allowing you to customise your repayments with weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments lets you keep on top of your payments.

Buy different vehicles

You aren’t limited to passenger cars – you can purchase utes, vans, caravans, motorbikes and even boats.

How to apply for your car loan

Bad Credit Car Loans Process

Send us a quote

You’ll be given the option to apply once you’ve submitted a quote. If you want to discuss your options first, though, your consultant will get in touch.

Get matched to a lender

Your consultant uses our state-of-the-art software to find a lender best suited to you with your application information and confirm it with you.

Have your application prepared

After your lender is locked in, your consultant will begin putting your application together. They may ask for extra documentation, so keep your phone close.

Get approved

Your consultant will email across a loan agreement for you to sign after you’ve been approved. Once it’s returned, your funds can be released.

Your checklist before applying

All applicants must meet the standard eligibility criteria which include being:

  • Aged over 18 years old
  • A permanent Australian resident or citizen
  • Earning some form of regular income

Your consultant will need copies of supporting documents when preparing your application. These include:

  • A driver’s licence (front and back)
  • An Australian or foreign issue passport (if applicable)
  • Two recent payslips
  • 90 days of bank statements
  • Centrelink income statements (if applicable)

Know how much you can afford to borrow. Your consultant will run an affordability check to work out your borrowing power based on variables such as income and regular expenses.

You’ll have to pay on-road costs such as registration, insurance and stamp duty. You can get the option to roll these costs into your loan with some lenders, but you should budget around them if you choose not to.

Paying any debts or unpaid defaults will improve your odds of approval, even if you’re applying for a bad credit car loan. The less debt you have behind you, the less of a risk you’ll pose to a lender.

What are the advantages of buying a new car?

Whether to buy new or second-hand is a major dilemma if you’re shopping for a car. Some of the benefits of purchasing a new vehicle include:

Fewer services

Your car will require fewer services in the first few years. Most car manufacturers will schedule regular vehicle services for around the six-month or 10,000km mark.

Greater technology

The software inside cars is rapidly advancing. Used cars may not have the high-tech in-built features that newer models offer, so you might be able to benefit from this with a current model purchase.

Better interest rate

Even though the sticker price on a new car will be higher than a used car, the interest rate will be lower. This allows you to save money on interest over the life of your loan.

Lower running costs

New cars are cheaper to run and often cost less to insure. For example, it is likely to be more fuel-efficient than a second-hand model.


One of the advantages is your vehicle is covered by a warranty. Warranties range from three to seven years depending on the manufacturer and cover you for most faults during that period.

Frequent questions asked by our customers

Applicants can be approved for loans up to a maximum of $100,000, although this depends significantly on their financial circumstances. As part of the application process, your consultant will draw up a rough budget to assess your borrowing power. They’ll estimate how much you can borrow based on factors such as your income, expenses and the car’s value.

Yes – you’re eligible even with defaults listed on your credit report. Your credit history won’t play a major role when you apply. However, paying off old debts and defaults can reduce your risk profile and improve your approval chances.

Several ongoing government benefits can be factored in as income when you apply. These include:

  • Single parent payments
  • Aged, Veterans’ Affairs and disability support (NDIS) pensions
  • Family Tax Benefits A and B
  • Rent assistance and child care subsidies

Yes – you can buy your car from anywhere in Australia. We can even help find you your ideal car from anywhere around Australia using our in-house broker, Vehicles Direct. Most states and territories give you two weeks to transfer the vehicle into your name.

Yes – buying a car with finance can improve your credit rating if you keep on top of the repayments. Making prompt loan repayments is a significant step in the right direction towards boosting your score.

Yes – we partner with lenders who give ex-bankrupts a second chance at auto loans. Your consultant can talk you through your options. situation.

Yes – you can apply if you’re a non-resident on a temporary visa. Your consultant will connect you to a lender who can work with your relevant visa situation.