Bad Credit Car Loans Adelaide

We help Adelaide motorists get approved for car loans, even with bad credit. You can apply and be on the road before you know it.

Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

Why Adelaideans choose us?

Having a less than perfect credit score shouldn’t deter you from applying for a car loan if you live in the City of Churches. We’ve got a strong track record of helping Adelaide locals get back on the road with fast approvals on bad credit car loans.

Our fully online application process allows us to service the CBD, outer suburbs such as Elizabeth and Seaford and regional areas including Burra and Port Lincoln. You can apply, get approved and pick up your keys all as soon as 48 hours after you apply. Start the process today.


Free quotes

Submitting a no-obligation quote for your car loan is free and won’t affect your credit score at all.


Over a decade of experience

For more than a decade, we’ve been matching people with lenders offering loans that best suit their financial situation.


Pre-approvals available

Getting pre-approval gives you a clear price ceiling, strengthening your hand when negotiating the cost of your new car.

Features and benefits of bad credit car loans

Customisable repayment schedule

You can pay your loan back weekly, fortnightly or once per month; choose whichever fits better with your budgeting.

Flexible loan terms

Additionally, you can choose to pay off your loan across one to five years, ensuring your loan repayments are consistently affordable for you.

Choose from vehicles up to 20 years old

You can select a car up to 20 years old at the point of purchase, giving you a wider range of new and used vehicles to choose from.

Centrelink income accepted

When applying for a bad credit car loan, permanent ongoing Centrelink payments such as the aged pension can be factored into your income.

No early repayment fees

Paying your loan early can save you a heap of money, with some of our lenders not penalising you for paying out the loan ahead of schedule.

No upfront payments

There’s no need for hefty upfront payments or deposits: you can borrow the full price of your vehicle, including any on-road costs.

How you can apply for a bad credit car loan today

Gone are the days when you would have to spend hours in front of the computer or on the phone to take out a loan.

Our entire process is efficient and quick, taking just minutes to complete a quote or initial application.

Familiarise yourself with our step-by-step guide on how to apply for your bad credit car loan today.

Get a quote or apply

If you want to get a quote, your consultant will get in touch to discuss your potential options. Alternatively, you can choose to submit your full application here, after which they’ll start searching for the best offer.

Finding you the best deal

Using the latest technology, your consultant matches you to the most suitable lender. If you choose to go with that lender, your consultant will prepare the application on your behalf using your information and documents.

Get approved

Your consultant will let you know when your lender offers formal approval on your loan application. This should take about one business day on average.

Sign your documents

Your consultant will send you a contract to sign electronically and return. Once you’ve done so, the funds can be released to you or your seller and you can own your new car.

What factors impact your borrowing power?

When you’re looking at getting finance to buy a new car, knowing how much you can comfortably afford to borrow will be a key factor in your approval. To calculate this, your consultant will work out your income and expenses and see how much you have left over to pay back a loan. Some of these factors include:

Value of your car

Car loan borrowing power directly correlates to the value of the vehicle you want to buy, as your loan amount will always reflect your car’s purchase price. Opting for a cheaper vehicle will speed up your approval process and show lenders you can manage the payments, but your consultant will talk you through your potential affordability.

Your income

The more you earn, the more you’re likely to be approved. Finding a second job or a side hustle to earn extra money can be one way to grow your income and strengthen your borrowing power, but it’s important above all else to not overreach when it comes to how much you can afford.


Cutting back living expenses and building up your savings will be seen as a positive in the eyes of lenders. Also, if you’re able to save money for a deposit, you can use it to borrow a larger amount.

Reduce your credit 

Reducing the limits on your credit card will have a positive effect on your borrowing ability. Your affordability is a key factor during approval, so having a smaller spending limit will give you greater borrowing ability.

Top tips for buying a new car

Know your limits

Being realistic about how much you can borrow will make the payments over the life of the loan more manageable. Borrowing a smaller amount for a new car will also improve your odds of getting approval from a lender.

Budget for running costs

A car comes with many ongoing costs such as fuel, registration and regular servicing. Purchasing a vehicle that won’t cost you a small fortune to run and maintain will take the pain out of budgeting for your new car.

Shop around for the right car

There’s little use going out and choosing the first car you see because it’s the most convenient option. By taking the time to look around for better deals, you can not only save more money on the purchase but also give yourself the best chance of finding the ideal car for you.

Get pre-approved before you apply

Getting pre-approved can give you a solid idea of how much you can spend when shopping for a new car. You can get pre-approved with us, allowing you time to look around for a new car.

Your bad credit car loans questions

Yes – you're eligible to take out a car loan even if your single parent payments make up a significant chunk of your income. Our lenders are willing to work with people with varied income streams, including those on Centrelink looking for bad credit car loans.

Yes – you can purchase a vehicle from anywhere in Australia, not just South Australia. You have two weeks to register the vehicle in SA under your name to avoid a $92 late registration fee.

No – all lenders will run credit checks on loan applications. If you’re in Adelaide seeking bad credit car loans with guaranteed finance approval and no credit check or deposit though, there are ways to improve your chances of approval such as paying outstanding debts.

Yes – you can be approved if you are an eligible temporary visa holder. Criteria will vary from lender to lender, but you’ll be required to take out a term whose term ends at least a few months prior to the conclusion of your visa.

Yes – keeping up with regular repayments and paying on time can improve your credit score. Paying off your loan without any hiccups will also increase your chances of being approved for a loan with better conditions, such as lower rates and fees, in the future.

Yes – if you work for yourself, you can still apply. In place of supplying employment contracts and payslips, self-employed workers will need to provide a tax return and an ATO Notice of Assessment from the past 18 months in most cases, if not their two most recent.

Yes – you can not only purchase cars but also motorbikes, campervans, trucks, boats and equipment such as forklifts.